Back On The Brink

Back in 2013, I started my little site called On The Brink. I had just moved back to Nashville from Los Angeles and was finally ready to create a place for all of my ideas and inspiration. It was so fun connecting with women all over the country (and world!) and it was fulfilling to have an outlet for my latest shenanigans, fashion finds and beauty obsessions, and the stories that I'd write.

After a site crash and a redirection in my own career, I stopped "blogging" and working freelance to refocus my creative attention on songwriters, artists and the music publishing world - which is still how I fill my days. I’m a lucky girl to make a living being what I call a “song nerd.” Seriously - it's a dream job.

So after a hiatus and lots of changes in everyday life,  I'm thrilled to relaunch the On The Brink journey with a new site, new perspective and lots of fresh ideas. My life has evolved in so many ways over the last several years - and dramatically in the last 2. So my perception of everything has evolved a lot since the creation of On The Brink, as it should!

Just as in years past, I hope for a cool way to connect with other women and workin' gals that share some of my food and cocktails, music and travel, style, nesting and entertaining - all that! But in a real-girl, real-life, attainable kinda way. 

Follow along on instagram and don't be shy! I hope to continue meeting a lot of other creative weirdos along the journey.

- BB


Photo by  Jesi Godwin

Photo by Jesi Godwin

Photo by   Jesi Godwin

Photo by Jesi Godwin